The Services


Safe and reliable transportation is our priority. This is accomplished through the use of new and state of the art vehicles (sedans, town cars, regular vans, and wheelchair vans) We employ knowledgeable, professional drivers, who are caring and attentive. Our dispatch unit secures the fastest routes, safest up to the minute traffic information, and modern integrated GPS modules to assure that all appointments are completed with prompt accuracy. Our office staff is courteous and detail oriented. All pertinent information regarding a scheduled trip, including destinations, times, special needs, are reviewed and confirmed, so no relevant detail is left unattended. We realize that some patients require continued and on-going services, which can be financially strenuous. We strive to work with patients to structure an easy payment plan. Our competitive prices within the industry allow us to provide safety and comfort, which are also affordable and easily accessible.  

For Facilities

E-Z Trans, Inc. has worked with major vendors, medical facilities and workers compensation insurances companies for decades. 
We work B to B, and value the importance of great networking. We negotiate vendor rates to meet facility requirements. Call us 1(800)551-1555, to see how E-Z Trans can benefit your company.